During early childhood and school-age years, children begin to establish habits for eating and exercise that stick with them for their entire lives. If children establish healthy habits, their risk for developing many chronic diseases will be greatly decreased. On the other hand, poor eating habits and physical inactivity during childhood set the stage for health problems in adulthood. The eating habits and attitudes about food displayed by parents have tremendous influence on the food choices of children. In fact, the food likes and dislikes that become firmly established during childhood are, to a large extent, shaped by the food likes and dislikes of parents.

It is important for parents who are concerned that their children eat too few vegetables or too many junk foods to take a look at their own eating habits and reevaluate the example they are setting for their kids.

As a result, COD provides information for parents and caregivers. We offer different healthy daily menu, so you can even use at home. Please ask COD educational Specialist for more information.

*All children’s art materials are non-toxic, and we use all natural cleaners.