The COD Early Learning program provides your child with the opportunity to share learning experiences and play with other children of the same age and intellectual level. We offer programs for infants and children up to 6 years old.

Our enriched curriculum features a unique partnership of core subjects, such as Reading and Math, comparable to, yet exceeding, the educational component of a preschool program. While incorporate fine arts, including Drama and Yoga, providing children with the freedom to learn and grow through play.


The COD Reading program was designed to teach children to read, not only phonetically, but also working on the seven essential components of reading.

Our program provides students with the tools to build upon their vocabulary and literacy skills. Our Teachers follow the progress of each child in class, and each year, parents are invited to learn the COD letter by letter method: a simple, playful and effective way to teach your child to read at home.

Literacy is strongly encouraged at COD, as it is one of the most important skills a child requires to be successful at school, and in life. Research shows that learning to read at a young age is excellent for brain development and lifelong academic success.


The Writing program at COD has been developed exclusively for our schools. It introduces our students to all essential pre-writing and fine motor exercises that train the hand muscles to write, and develop hand-eye coordination, and introduces each child to lines, curves, letters and words. Writing is introduced every day with a combination of fine motor skills, games and activities, sensory experiences, drawing, and one-to-one Writing.

The progress of each child is followed throughout Junior/senior preschool, junior/senior Kindergarten, with Parent-Teacher meetings held to discuss their development. As each student has their own pace, their individual progress will be influenced by the stage of the child’s development.


Introducing Mathematics at an early age is proven to promote language and literacy skills. At COD, we place great emphasis on helping the child gain and apply reasoning skills, and apply mathematical concepts introduced in a practical way.

Mathematics is used not only during Math time but also throughout the day and is incorporated in many subjects, including Reading, Music and Science. Throughout the COD Math Program, children learn to work with, and quantify numbers, using them for addition, subtraction, division, and, in the higher classes, multiplication. These strong concepts formed throughout the Junior/senior Kindergarten programs provide a solid foundation for children to deeply comprehend the knowledge they will be exposed to in elementary school.


The COD Science Program introduces our students to the scientific method, where they are presented with questions, and hypotheses on the probabilities, taught to test their hypothesis and draw conclusions.

The students are also exposed to natural science, where they observe life through seed cycles, gardening, observation of insects, animals, and the human body. This program introduces the children to various subjects such as insects, pets, fish, the solar system and the seasons.

The Science curriculum is strongly guided by the children and follows a project-based approach. This program greatly nurtures our children’s creative thinking skills, leadership skills and reasoning abilities.



Languages are known to stimulate the child’s cognitive capability and improve their ability to process information, including memory, speech and sensory perception.

Research shows that children who learn more than one language have more advanced reading skills, are more socially aware, and have better vocabulary in their native language.

The COD Language Program introduces our students to basic vocabulary through songs, props and specialized COD games.