Junior/senior Preschool

COD Preschool Program covers all areas for the age of 3-5.  The child will have ample time to play with friends, sing, and dance, practice yoga and explore instruments and music from around the word. They will also be introduced to basic concepts of Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Science, not only at the groups pace, but also at the child’s individual pace.

Our exclusive Reading program is taught to each child, as well as our unique Writing approach. This program successfully prepares the child academically, but does so in a lucid and inviting way. Children also learn and are encouraged to reason, to participate, to test their theories and to collaborate in projects.

Even with all these activities, there is plenty of time to play and enjoy the world around them. A child will never feel pressured to learn or participate, but will always want to discover the fantastic activities our Teachers have carefully prepared for them. Only twelve children can join our classroom, and three specialized Teachers work with them all year. The classrooms are fully equipped to allow the child to reach his/her full potential. In addition to implementing a quality Montessori program, our curriculum includes:
•         Science & discovery
•         Health & physical education
•         Creative, dramatic and cognitive play
•         Enhance fine and gross motor skills
•         Music & movement
•         Cultural celebrations
•         Field trips


Junior/Senior Kindergarten:

This is the final year a child will spend with us before they graduate to school! Your child, by now, will be working on more complex activities individually, with the Teacher, and with their friends.

We will continue with the much-loved co-curricular subjects (Drama, Visual Arts, Yoga, Music, Culture Immersion, Physical Education and Dance) and your child will take an active role in creating delicious recipes during Little Chefs!

The Teachers and Principal of the school will work closely with your family to ensure your child is well prepared and excited about starting school!

Twenty children will join this classroom, with three specialized Teachers and one assistant working with them throughout the year.